By Zordon's Boy

10 Reasons to Hate Power Rangers Megaforce

Ah, where do I start? If you’re a long time Power Rangers fan, the season premiere of Power Rangers Megaforce – “Mega Mission” – is enough to make you hate the season. It was obvious the show was still aimed at its new demographic of 6 and 7 year olds and there was hardly any original thought put into it. If you keep watching the season and focus on the story it gets pretty good, but surrounding that story are countless reasons to still hate Megaforce.

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Power Rangers Megaforce Review

I would like to extend a sincere apology to Mr. Haim Saban and everyone at Saban Brands. For the last two years I have been criticizing Power Rangers Megaforce (and Super Megaforce), and unjustly so. When it premiered, I watched the first two or three episodes. I became frustrated and angry, and I did the TV version of rage quitting: I stared angrily at my DVR week after week as new episodes piled on, feeling betrayed, and eventually deleted them all and cancelled the series recording. Big mistake! Once you get over the initial shock and anger, Power Rangers Megaforce gets really good.

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