10 Reasons to Hate Power Rangers Megaforce

Ah, where do I start? If you’re a long time Power Rangers fan, the season premiere of Power Rangers Megaforce – “Mega Mission” – is enough to make you hate the season. It was obvious the show was still aimed at its new demographic of 6 and 7 year olds and there was hardly any original thought put into it. If you keep watching the season and focus on the story it gets pretty good, but surrounding that story are countless reasons to still hate Megaforce.

Here are 10 of them:

1. The Name

Who decided Megaforce was a good name? Sure, it’s fun for the kids to shout. But it’s the most unoriginal name for a show about colorful superheroes. We’ve had seasons named “Lost Galaxy,” “Lightspeed Rescue,” “Ninja Storm,” and “Dino Thunder.” So… Megaforce? You can do better than that. Especially since its eventual sequel was “Super Megaforce.” That’s just insulting.

They had two amazing themes to work with: angels and pirates. How about Power Rangers Angel Force? Or Power Rangers Spirit Force? Heck, their whole message was “protect the Earth.” Why not go with Power Rangers Earth Force? Or Earth Defenders? They actually called themselves that in the show. Power Rangers Earth Defenders. I like that.

Earth Defenders

That would’ve worked and made much more sense. But drop the “super.” It worked for Super Samurai because they had a “Super Samurai” mode and it actually didn’t sound bad.

2. Ignorance of the themes

While I’m on the topic, they completely ignored the brilliant themes handed to them by Super Sentai. (For those who don’t know, that’s the Japanese show Power Rangers is based on.) In Goseiger, the heroes were super powered Gosei Angels. Why not embrace that? It would’ve added a lot more to the plot. Then in Gokaiger, they were pirates! Do I even need to elaborate on that? Pirate Power Rangers. That sells itself.

3. The theme song

When I heard the Power Rangers Samurai theme song, I loved it. It’s a really cool remix of “Go Go Power Rangers.” So I was looking forward to see what they’d do with Megaforce. I was sorely disappointed. All they did was chop up the Samurai theme and throw in the word “Megaforce” here and there. Also, the roll call was somehow more annoying than in Samurai. It’s just another example of how little effort they put into making this series original.

Power Rangers Samurai Theme:


Power Rangers Megaforce Theme:


4. It tries too hard to be Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

This seems like one of the few areas where they actually tried to accomplish something, but it was a major fail. All of their attempts at Mighty Morphin nostalgia fall flat. Ernie’s bar, Gosei and Tensou, recruiting teenagers with attitude, reusing lines from “Day of the Dumpster” – they just didn’t work. It cheapens the product and, again, shows a lack of original thinking.

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5. Gosei and Tensou

They’re a poor man’s Zordon and Alpha and they look terrible. The production quality for these two is laughable. It’s sad that 20 years later Gosei and Tensou actually looked worse than Zordon and Alpha. When you see Zordon, he’s a floating head in a tube. That’s impressive. Gosei was a wall decoration.


And Gosei isn’t even much of a mentor. He says, “do this,” and they do it. If anything, the Rangers mentored themselves. They helped each other to overcome the obstacles in their way.

6. Why didn’t Gosei help any of the other times the earth was in danger?

Gosei says in “Mega Mission” that he will “only awaken when the Earth is faced with an extraordinary threat.” Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, the Machine Empire, Countdown to Destruction, and every other threat the Earth has faced weren’t extraordinary? I guess since Zordon was around in the beginning he thought he could handle it, but I think Gosei would’ve been a huge help during Countdown to Destruction. Either this is a huge plot hole or Gosei is just a huge… you get the idea.

7. The morphers

Gosei Morpher

They are so ugly. And how conceited is Gosei? Zordon was probably the most important being ever in the history of the universe and all he had were flashing metal coin holders. And they have to feed it cards to do anything? You’re a transcendent mystical being mentored by an even more transcendent mystical being and you can’t put together a morpher than runs on mystical energy and voice activation?

8. The nonsensical relationship between achievements and rewards

Jayden and Ji unlock their powers so the Mega Rangers can use them… to combine with the Red Wild Force Zord.

What? Uh… okay.

And then there’s this: “Because of your mastery of the Dino Thunder powers, you’ve unlocked the Q-Rex Megazord’s ability to combine with your Megazord.” Um, Dino Thunder helps with Time Force?

None of these powers were even related. It’s an assault on continuity. Hey, while we’re at it…

9. The sheer ignorance of continuity

This is the biggest offense of the whole Megaforce series. First, there’s Gosei’s existence and awakening. (See number 6) Then there’s the whole Legendary Rangers thing. None of the previous powers were tied together and they certainly had nothing to do with Gosei. A lot of those powers were lost or destroyed, most notably the Mighty Morphin powers. This was already an issue way back in Forever Red, but that could at least be excused by the fact that it was one-off tribute show that had nothing to do with the plot of the series. Now they want us to accept that these six Rangers can morph into any past Ranger with just a key? That’s actually really insulting to our intelligence. I get that it’s a kids’ show, but the fanbase isn’t just kids.

To top it off, every Ranger appears for the finale. I understand television requires suspension of disbelief, but to sit through the finale requires all abandonment of disbelief. There are so many issues involved. All of them would’ve had to coordinate and make their timing perfect, which raises the question: why did they wait until the last second to show up? It’s not like they didn’t know it was coming. Troy was dreaming about it and Gosei woke up after he ignored Countdown to Destruction and everything since, so he knew it was major.

Plus, the Legendary Battle was pointless! They still had the Gosei Ultimate Megazord. Couldn’t it have easily destroyed Mavro’s ship and squashed the X-Borgs?

10. Mega Rangers, that’s a mega win!

No! Stop saying that. It’s not clever. It was funny, like, once. And barely funny at all. And then when you add “super” – ouch. It actually hurts my brain to think about it.


There are more reasons to hate Megaforce (and Super Megaforce), but 10 seems like enough. As far as the Power Rangers franchise goes, it was a bit of a disappointment. On the other hand, there are also 10 Reasons to Love Power Rangers Megaforce.