10 Reasons to Love Power Rangers Megaforce

For all its faults and flaws, Power Rangers Megaforce (and Super Megaforce) still had some enjoyable content. I raved about the Rangers and the villains in my Megaforce Review, so I’ll be more specific here.

1. The Rangers

The acting for this series was a step above the norm, so the characters were believable. They each had defined personalities. And although there was little character development for them, they were still powerful and relatable. They rose to the challenge of having a barely present mentor and managed to overcome challenges on their own. While most Power Rangers series detail the Rangers’ progression from newbies to heroes, this team seemed like heroes from the start. It helped make the rushed storyline flow better and was one of the things that made this series fun to watch.

Mega Rangers

2. The message

Power Rangers is known for its PSA-like messages and lessons. Megaforce is no different. At a time when the environment is at serious risk, Power Rangers is reaching out to kids to inspire them to protect their environment. The message is strong and sometimes a little in-your-face, but it gets the job done. The more kids want to save the Earth, the better off we all are.

3. Robo Knight

No one embodied that message more than Robo Knight. His only programming was “protect the Earth.” At first, he didn’t even give the Rangers a second thought. They were an obstacle in his way. Over the course of the season, he learns to appreciate humanity and realizes that people are part of the Earth. He works with the Rangers and becomes part of the team. The bond he forms with Troy is emotional and inspirational.

Robo Knight

When Metal Alice tries to turn him to the side of evil, he valiantly defies her. He gives everything he has to protect the Earth at any cost. Robo Knight’s story arc is one of the best in Power Rangers history.

4. They used zords from past seasons! (sort of)

Every time there’s a team-up on Power Rangers, I want to see the old zords team with the new ones. I’m always disappointed. Super Megaforce sort of gave us a taste of this. We got a weird version of the dragon from Mystic Force, an SPD Delta Runner, the Ninja Storm Minizord, and a random new RPM zord. But the Wild Force Lion was the star of the group. It was basically identical to the original version, holding onto a tiny bit of continuity. And the Megazord it formed looked pretty cool.

Legendary Samurai Megazord

5. The Q-Rex Zord

Let’s ignore the fact that this zord was most certainly not the Q-Rex. Orion’s T-Rex style zord was a thing of beauty. It looked powerful and intimidating and it had three very different, yet effective modes. I’ll admit this one’s more my personal opinion than an objective analysis, but just look at this bad boy:

Megaforce Q-Rex

6. The nostalgia

Despite all of Megaforce’s shortcomings, you can’t deny the nostalgic feelings when the Mega Rangers morph into the “Legendary Rangers.” Seeing the Mighty Morphin suits, the Zeo suits, the Turbo suits, and all the others brought back fond memories. Despite the fact that the season finale was terrible, it was nice to see some old cast members once again.

7. Orion’s story

It’s been a while since Power Rangers had an apocalypse. This time it didn’t happen on Earth, it happened on Orion’s home planet of Andresia. The Armada attacked and wiped out the planet. Orion stole one of their ships and followed them to Earth to get revenge. It’s a powerful backstory that brings emotion to the show. And it really helps that Cameron Jebo did a great job playing the part.


8. Prince Vekar

As villains go, Prince Vekar was bad. He was royalty and acted like everyone in the universe owed him something. He was immature, conceited, and absolutely hilarious. I haven’t laughed that hard at the TV in a while. Prince Vekar showed up at the start of Super Megaforce and was in almost every episode. If you can get past all the negatives of the season, he’s a real treat to watch.

Prince Vekar

9. The pirate theme

While it’s unfortunate they didn’t really take advantage of it, Super Megaforce has a pretty cool pirate theme. The suits looked awesome the Red Ranger’s zord was a pirate ship! Their weapons looked like cutlasses and flintlock pistols. I really wish they’d embraced that theme instead of being the generic “Super Megaforce.”

10. Ciara Hanna

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Yeah, ’nuff said.