Ricardo Medina Arrested

Riccardo Medina

We all know by now that Ricardo Medina was arrested. On Saturday, January 1, he got into a fight with his friend Joshua Sutter, retreated to his room where he grabbed a sword for self-defense. Sutter broke in and Medina stabbed and killed him.

Ricardo Medina played Wild Force Red Ranger Cole Evans and the villain Deker in Power Rangers Samurai.

The headline wrote itself. “Former Power Ranger Kills Friend With Sword” or some variation popped up everywhere. Many news outlets had their facts wrong about who Medina played in Power Rangers, showing their brilliant journalistic integrity. People joked and made puns about the nature of the incident. And other former Power Rangers actors commented on the situation. Watch original Red Ranger Austin St. John’s response. Very emotional and respectful.

Things get crazy when something like this happens. I like to cut through all of that and get to what’s important. A man died and a respected figure in the Power Rangers community is responsible. As fans, how do we process this? We want to defend him, but we don’t have all the facts. We’re sorry a man has died, but we can’t help but wonder how this affects the franchise. I’ve seen people criticized for both. Somehow, just because a death was involved, everything else must stop. But we’re human, it doesn’t work like that.

I don’t know Joshua Sutter, I know Ricardo Medina. He played two of my favorite characters on my favorite TV show. Naturally, I’m wondering how this will affect Wild Force and Samurai replays, potential returns for his characters, and Medina’s presence at the conventions. I also laughed at some of the puns comparing his alleged crime to his roles on the show.

That doesn’t mean I’m not sympathetic to Sutter and his family. Quite the opposite. I’m a Humanist and I care for all human life. That doesn’t stop me from the natural thought process about Ricardo Medina and Power Rangers.

My point is that when things like this happen, we can’t lose ourselves in them. Think what you want to think. Say what you want to say. If we take the world too seriously, we’ll lose perspective on our own lives.

Ricardo Medina has been released. There wasn’t enough evidence to charge him and everything looks like self-defense. He has to cope with what happened and Sutter’s family has to cope with their loss. All we can do is offer our love and support and keep moving on with our lives.