Welcome to ZordonsBoy.com!

My name is Bryan but on here, I’m Zordon’s Boy. I’m a life-long Power Rangers fan and I’ve seen every episode of the show at least once, most of them more than once, and many of them a lot more than once. My entire childhood was framed around Power Rangers and my dream to someday be like them. With the new season coming out soon and the new movie coming out next year (four days before my birthday!) I figured this was the perfect time to start a Power Rangers blog and website.

At ZordonsBoy.com I am here to bring you Power Rangers news, episode and series reviews, fan videos, and much more. I’m an aspiring filmmaker and I will producing a couple non-profit Power Rangers themed web series in the near future. There’s a good bit here to start off with, so take a look around. You can subscribe over on the side of the site to get updates emailed to you and you can also head over to my YouTube channel where all my video content is be hosted.

Get comfy, have fun, and may the power protect you!