“Powers From the Past” Review

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In what I imagine is a token of appreciation to the massive fan base, Power Rangers Dino Charge premiered a week early thanks to Nick.com! “Powers From the Past” debuted and it was a great premiere. Good acting, good writing, great plot and setting. I’m pumped for the season.

What Happened

“Powers From the Past” starts with an impressive introduction to the villains and their big spaceship looking for Keeper. Fury and Sledge are impressive. Wrench looks like the comic relief this year. He sounds a lot like Babboo, too. Weird. Sledge’s partner is Poisandra. What Japanese anime nightmare did they pull her out of?

Sledge & Poisandra

She calls Sledge “Sledge’ums.” That’s just plain adorable. Fury seems to not like her much. “Why do you listen to that heart shaped nitwit?” Now, that’s funny. Poisandra shoots at Keeper’s ship with, “Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-FIRE!” That’s pretty funny, too. This was a good introduction to the villains. Everything is so vibrant and colorful. So far so good, Mr. Saban.

The opening theme… Wow. That was impressive. I love the drum line they added to the end. No roll call, either, which is refreshing.

Of course, it’s not as good as my fan opening but I’ll take it.

Keeper crash lands on pre-historic Earth. We actually get to see Keeper giving the energems to the Dinosaurs instead of listening to five minutes of backstory. I did not expect that. It’s a pretty cool scene. The energems look impressive in the little techno-egg Keeper has. He fakes out Fury by playing dead next to a dummy egg that turns out to be a bomb. Sledge’s reaction to that is funny. Fury’s ready to kill Keeper until he sees the fake egg and forgets about everything else.

Sledge brags about his exploits as a bounty hunter, which is a cool role for the villain. Sledge and Poisandra are engaged and I get nice Rita/Zedd feel from them. #nostalgic

Keeper’s bomb blows up Sledge’s ship and releases his hoard of asteroids. That’s what kills the dinosaurs. Wow, that was pretty deep. Keeper gives the dinos the energems, then his bomb basically kills them. If he’d picked another planet to crash land on, our history would’ve been very different. The importance of Keeper’s actions is not lost on me. Seeing those asteroids fall is pretty sad. They don’t actually show any dinos dying, but Keeper is assaulted by a dust cloud and there’s a shot of the Earth exploding all over from the asteroids. They’re playing with history a little by having asteroids (plural) kill the dinosaurs, but I’m cool with that.


You know, I didn’t like Keeper’s look when I first saw the promo picture but he actually looks pretty cool. I have to say it again, I love how vibrant and colorful everything is. The acting so far is good which is keeping things believable.

Tyler Selfie

Hey, there’s Tyler! And Chase! They don’t know each other already, cool. Tyler’s checking out the museum that Chase works at. Shelby works at a dinosaur themed cafe in the museum. They’re really embracing the theme this year which makes me really happy. That was one of the major problems with Megaforce. They’re also using the juice bar remix from Megaforce. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Shelby rattles off some of their menu items. Now I want some T-Rex ribs and a tuna-dacta melt.

Koda works at the museum, too. I thought he was going to come out of the past, not already be here. Weird.

We also meet Miss (Kendall) Morgan who is leading Chase, Koda, and others on a fossil hunt. Shelby begs to go and shows off her dino knowledge. I like the girl power theme they’re trying to go with here. Despite being told no, Shelby sneaks onto their big truck. Nice example for kids: rules are for fools!

Chase and Koda

Again, the acting is good so far. I’m really impressed.

Tyler takes his big red jeep to go repelling, by himself, into a lava filled cave. Is he nuts? They’re testing my suspension of disbelief. Well, he is a fossil hunter. He hears something growling and takes off through the cave to get away, finding a fossil and an energem in the process. Is it just me or is Brennan Mejia’s voice kind of soothing?

Shelby Hat

At the dig site, Shelby is rehearsing her “I stowed away” speech. I love that hat on Shelby. The Grim Reaper steals a small box off the truck that’s glowing pink. Or maybe it was the Phantom of the Opera. I can’t tell. Shelby can’t get anyone’s attention so she goes after him on her own. She’s got guts. And she’s fast. She would make a good Ranger. Tyler joins the fight and the phantom guy takes off his cloak. He’s a big white monster named Iceage. (Voiced by Gerald Urquhart, the man that played Flurious – awesome!) He starts shooting at Tyler and Shelby but Tyler has the most powerful tiny shovel I’ve ever seen and starts deflecting his lasers. He’s got some pretty good moves with it.


I love the soundtrack here. Actually, the soundtrack for the whole episode is pretty good.

Iceage blasts them down and the box breaks. An energem comes tumbling out. There you go, Shelby! I love this setup. It’s very organic. Iceage freezes the rangers but touching the energems stops it. They pick up the energems and fossilized versions of the morpher guns appear in their hands. They figure out where the energems go and Tyler accidentally shoots Iceage. This scene’s pretty funny with Tyler and Shelby accidentally morphing. “I just started spinning the… thing and it started working, I guess.” Ha ha. This is great. They’re doing the in-helmet shots again. I’m very happy about that.

The first fight is pretty cool. The T-Rex zord charges in out of nowhere, grabs Iceage with his teeth, and flings him out of the woods. That was funny. That’s how they should win every fight.

Tyler and Shelby bond as he drives her back to the museum. Noooo! It’s the “dad disappeared and left me his journal and I’m gonna find out what happened to him” cliche. That’s deflating. I’ll try to get over it.


Oh! Fury! He’s back. A cliff hanger??? And we didn’t get to meet Riley? That’s the definition of a teaser. Now I have to wait two weeks to see the rest. Damn you, Nickelodeon!


My Thoughts


“Powers From the Past” was so close to perfect that I don’t care about the “so close to” part. The acting was great, the writing was great, the plot was solid. The character development was so natural and the scene where Tyler and Shelby morph was so organic. They morphed by accident! Everything is so colorful and pleasing to look at.

The opening scene was phenomenal. The villain intro was perfectly done, giving us just enough of each villain to get a sense of who they are but leave us wanting to know more. The villains, led by bounty hunter Sledge, chased Keeper to Earth looking for the energems. Keeper gave them to the dinosaurs, gave Fury a bomb to take back to Sledge, and that bomb caused a rain of asteroids that killed the dinosaurs. Really deep stuff.


The dinosaur theme overall harkens back to Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder. It gets me excited for the season.

Sledge and Poisandra are a couple hoping to get married. Sledge is using the money from his bounties to pay for it. They’ve got an evil/crazy combination that is a lot like Lord Zedd and Rita. I get a nostalgic feeling when I see those two interact.

#nostalgic moments:
Sledge and Poisandra acting like Lord Zedd and Rita


Tyler’s dad went missing looking for fossils and left behind his journal. Now Tyler wants to hunt for fossils and search for his dad. This has been done way too much in movies and television. That’s my only complaint.


The Breakdown

Stars of the Show:
1. Shelby – She was the standout character in this episode. Her fighting spirit and drive to be accepted for the intelligent woman she is are inspiring.
2. Keeper – He protected the universe from Sledge by hiding the energems. Unfortunately it destroyed all life on Earth. Instead of running, Keeper faced his fate head on, standing firm as a roaring dust cloud engulfed him.
3. Tyler – He saved Shelby’s butt and swung that tiny shovel around like a ninja with a sword. And I love hearing his voice. It’s so soothing.

Power Bolts: 5/5
It was just plain awesome. Watch it!

Nostalgia Bolts: +1
Sledge and Poisandra acting like Lord Zedd and Rita

FINAL RATING: Rating Lightning BoltRating Lightning BoltRating Lightning BoltRating Lightning BoltRating Lightning BoltRating Lightning Bolt Classic