“Past, Present, and Fusion” Review

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We’ve been pumped up for two weeks waiting for “Past, Present, and Fusion.” Are Chase and Koda already Rangers? How much does Kendall know? Will we see Keeper again? And how did Fury survive? We want to know!

What Happened

Nooo!!! The stupid opening narration is back. Ugh. And I thought they were trying to not annoy us this year. Oh well.

“Past, Present, and Fusion” starts with Riley practicing his skills with a sword. He lives on a ranch and seems out of place in the country setting. He can’t find his dog, Rubik, so he goes out to look for him. In what is another eerily dark moment for this season, Riley finds his dog about to be on the business end of Fury’s sword. Fury is actually about to kill the dog just because it’s barking. Damn. Riley jumps in and fights Fury with a metal fence post in a pretty cool sword fight scene. Fury knocks Riley down and the fence post flies away and gets stuck in a rock, chipping some off and revealing a fossil and an energem. Riley tries to pull the post out and the energem activates, turning the post into a sword.


Riley goes all badass and gets the best of Fury. He grabs the green energem and runs off with Rubik. He says goodbye to his mother and brother as he decides to head off to the Dinosaur Museum to figure out what’s going on.

His motor scooter breaks down on the same road Tyler and Shelby are driving down. They pick him up. Down the road they see an overturned car with a man trapped underneath. Riley notices gas leaking and again the show gets very serious. This guy is stuck under a car that’s leaking gas and could catch fire at any second. They work together to push it off him with a boost from the energems. And by “boost” I mean they sent the car flying into the air where the gas ignited and the car exploded. I have to say, that was a really good scene. It highlighted what being a Power Ranger is all about without a monster or villain being involved in any way. And they sent an exploding car flying into the air. That was awesome.


They head to the museum and when they get there Tyler asks, “Is that the museum?” Weren’t you just there like a couple hours ago? They park at the loading dock and see Koda and Chase. They follow, but lose them. Tyler finds the absolute worst hidden entrance to a secret base I’ve ever seen.

 Lab Entrance

A dino head with a box in its mouth? If Tyler found it and accidentally opened it this easily, how does it not happen all the time? Anyway, they make their way down the secret passage and into an underground lab. Are Haley and Tommy there? Wait, wrong lab. Wrong city, actually. #nostalgic

 Keeper in Lab

It’s Keeper! He looks even better sporting a spiky mohawk-like thing. Keeper gives them a 30 second explanation of what the energems are. Ha, he said “I’m quite harmless.” I guess it’s easy to forget things that happened 65 million years ago. His mouth movements are getting pretty bad. It’s like the bad dubs from the old days. When Riley asks why the energems chose to bond with them, Chase, Koda, and Kendall show up and act like they knew what was happening the whole time. That felt kind of cheap.

Kendall tells Tyler and Riley how brave and talented they are despite this being their first meeting. Then she tells Shelby “Why the pink energem chose you is anyone’s guess.” Ouch. She was tougher and braver than the other two. Kendall’s totally jealous she didn’t get the pink energem. So much for the girl power theme they were toying with. Throwing out the “jealous woman” stereotype? Thanks, Saban.

So Koda is still working on his English. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

There’s some seismic activity going on and Kendall sends the Rangers to check it out. Shelby’s not sure she wants to go, and Kendall seizes the opportunity to take a shot at Shelby, saying the mission is “too dangerous… for a waitress.” Ouch. Shelby says she’s ready and she can handle it.

Something’s wonky with the red energem so Tyler can’t go. The others find a volcano that’s about to blow. Did the USGS not know anything about this? Oh, hey, it’s the T-Rex zord coming out of the volcano! Definitely a throwback to the original Dinozords. Sort of a cross between how the T-Rex and Pterodactyl came out to fight. #nostalgic


Kendall says the T-Rex zord is the reason the red energem is being funky. Then, for some reason, everything’s fine. Kendall gives Tyler the three Dino Chargers that go with his energem and tells him to go to the T-Rex and morph. The energem flies over to Tyler, apparently not unstable anymore. That was a pretty big blunder from the writers. An extra line or two and they could’ve explained this much better. Instead we get an odd, wasted micro-plot for the episode.

Iceage is back and he freezes the city. Then he creates these giant foot solider creatures. The T-Rex storms in and starts fighting the giant Vivix (the foot soldiers). No mention from Kendall or Keeper that Iceage is attacking. This is pretty clumsy. Tyler does the full morph for the first time. Initially, I didn’t like morph sequence. I thought it was too wordy and I didn’t like the twirl at the beginning. But I realized I was over analyzing it. It’s actually pretty cool.

Although, I could do without the pointless announcer. Tyler’s already saying everything, couldn’t he say “T-Rex Charger, engage!” too?

Tyler uses his Dino Chargers to power up the T-Rex and fight off the Vivix. Tyler calls his zord “Rexy.” That is so damn cute. The other Rangers join him and do the twirling morphing sequence with more pointless announcing. Shelby tried to lead the morph but couldn’t figure out how to click the Dino Charger. Koda needed to show her. That was a little funny, but mostly annoying. Shelby’s been great so far so I wouldn’t expect her not to know how to click a button.

 Group Morph

They destroy the Vivix and Rexy destroys the last Vivizord. (That’s what their calling the big foot soldier things.) Then Rexy helps Tyler destroy Iceage. That was depressing, I wanted him to stick around.

Back at the lab, the Rangers talk about their victory. Riley can’t wait to tell his brother, but Kendall tells them no one can know what they’re doing… without telling them why. And no one questioned it. Meh. Keeper thought Fury was the only monster still on Earth. Iceage being there means that Sledge is back!


My Thoughts


Eh. “Past, Present, and Fusion” seemed like filler. It played more like a bridge between episodes 1 and 3 than like its own episode.

The scene where Tyler, Shelby, and Riley saved a man pinned under his car was done really well. And they tossed a car into the air before it blew up. Who doesn’t love an explosion?

The highlight of the episode was Riley. He had a good bit given to him in the opening to explore his backstory. He’s an out of place country boy whose curiosity is sending him to the dino museum to figure out what he found in a fossil. His sword fighting is awesome to watch. He had a good fight with Fury.

And the acting is still superb, so that helps move things along well. 


With a dinosaur theme, it’s impossible to not have some nostalgic feelings. It all brings back memories of Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder.

#nostalgic moments:
Kendall’s dino lab
The T-Rex coming from the volcano


The big reveal in the lab that Kendall, Chase, and Koda were already working with Keeper was very poorly written. They knew what had been going on with the other three the whole time, but didn’t say anything. That’s really weird. Kendall praised Riley and Tyler for their bravery but said she didn’t know why the energem chose Shelby. I get that she’s probably jealous or just a jerk, but come on, that’s just bad writing. It didn’t fit. Plus, neither Tyler or Riley stood up for her. I don’t buy that.

When the Rangers needed to check out the seismic activity, the red energem was unstable. Then, with no explanation, it was fine again. Bad writing.


The Breakdown

Stars of the Show:
1. Riley – He wowed us with his swordsmanship and his bravery, standing up to Fury to save his dog. He also improvised a sword using a fence post. That was pretty smart.
2. Tyler – He got the big moment of the day fighting a bunch of Vivix and destroying Iceage.
3. Rexy (the T-Rex zord) – He kicked butt and helped Tyler take down Iceage.

Power Bolts: 3/5
I think 3 is being generous. The novelty hasn’t completely worn off yet so I think that helps push it from 2 to 3. There were some plot issues and bad writing that brought it down. And aside from Riley’s scene in the beginning there was no character development.

Nostalgia Bolts: +2
Kendall’s dino lab
The T-Rex coming from the volcano

FINAL RATING: Rating Lightning BoltRating Lightning BoltRating Lightning BoltRating Lightning Bolt ClassicRating Lightning Bolt Classic