“A Fool’s Hour” Review

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What Happened

The show starts off with Sledge berating Fury for not getting the energems or destroying Keeper. A monster named Scrapper tries to escape from its cell but Sledge stops him. He tells Scrapper if he goes to Earth and gets him an energem that he’ll take him to any galaxy he wants.

I will never get tired of hearing this theme. At this point I really think it’s my favorite.

Tyler in Uniform

Back at the lab, Riley practices his swordsmanship and Chase works on his skateboard. Tyler comes in wearing a uniform from the cafe. He’s really excited to be a busboy. Shelby asks Kendall why Tyler’s dressed like that since they’re Rangers and shouldn’t have to work at a cafe. Kendall tell her that’s how they blend in.

Waking up to the word “burgers,” Koda walks out of his cave, confusing the newcomers, and we get the big reveal that he’s a 100,000 year old caveman. I’ll love hearing Tyler say “awesome.”

Caveman Koda

Turns out the energems stop them from aging. Shelby’s happy that she’ll always be 18. I guess she doesn’t like to drink.

The newbies look around in Koda’s cave and Tyler recognizes Koda’s cave drawing of Fury. They put everything together and figure out that Fury is their common enemy.

Kodas Drawings

Sledge and his crew come down to Earth and the Rangers run out to face them. Tyler calls Poisandra a walking lollipop. That was funny. Poisandra introduces Sledge and he’s not impressed with the Rangers. Fury is looking on ominously from above and Koda points this out to Tyler.

Sledge And His Crew

Keeper shows up in an impressive swirl of smoke. Looks like that’s where their CGI budget went this year. Here we get the explanation for what happened to Sledge. He floated around in space for 65 million years in his damaged ship until he caught a ride clinging to a comet. 65 million years and Sledge and Poisandra still aren’t married? Damn, he’s really stringing her along. Keeper pretty much says “you ain’t getting the energems because my Rangers are gonna kick your ass.” Then he smokes out like a boss.

The Rangers morph and fight the crew and get beat pretty hard, but Sledge is exhausted. He gives the Rangers an ultimatum: bring him the energems in an hour or he’ll destroy the planet.

Tyler decides to go after Fury against Chase’s warning. Tyler says, “we don’t need to be together to work together.” That’s a pretty good line. Fury meets up with Sledge and Tyler overhears that Scrapper followed the others to the base to give Sledge their location. Tyler’s communicator is busted so he can’t call for backup. He catches up as Scrapper heads back to Sledge with the intel. Tyler follows in his jeep and rams into the space pod Scrapper climbed into.

Jeep Hits Space Pod

That was pretty cool. He starts fighting Scrapper and a hoard of Vivix. Wrench shows up and it’s too much for Tyler. Thankfully the rest of the Rangers show up with Kendall’s new Dino Steel armor (which includes a new weapon for each Ranger). Chase realizes Tyler’s hunch was right, but Tyler also admits going off on his own was a bad idea. When they morph, there’s a new sequence. Instead of all the twirling and energizing being done live, it’s all in one of those special effects morphing scenes. I liked seeing it done right there in person. Although they did add in the Rangers taking the old Dino Thunder pose and yelling “Ha!” after “Energize!” That was quite awesome. #nostalgic

I want to take a moment and point out how great the acting is this season. Even when the things they’re saying and doing are so ridiculous, the actors deliver the lines, emotion, body language, and actions perfectly. Saban did a great job with casting.

Shelby calls the Tricerazord to take on the Vivizords as her, Tyler, and Koda destroy Scrapper. Alas, Scrapper grows and the Rangers call Rexy and the Stego Zord. Okay, I have a problem. There’s a cool sequence of calling the zords where they toss the Dino Chargers to them. We get this graphic for the T-Rex:

 Feathered Dino

It has feathers, awesome. That’s accurate. But, uh…

Old Dino

Where are that T-Rex’s feathers? If Japan could get it right, surely we could. At least for the sake of continuity. Anyway…

They form the Dino Charge Megazord TriStego formation after a really weird scene where the zords swap Dino Chargers. It’s kind of awkward seeing them swap things from mouth to mouth. And I’m really not liking this random announcer voice for the morph and zord sequences.

The results are in, Scrapper. You're garbage!
The results are in, Scrapper. You’re garbage!

Hey, there’s the theme again. It makes the fight scene fun to watch. Scrapper’s easy work for the Megazord. After they destroy him, Tyler shouts “Monster, extinct!” I’m not sure I like it but it’s much better than “That’s a super mega win!” …Ow.

Working at the cafe, Tyler and Chase apologize to each other and realize they were both right. They pretty much said the same thing before, but it’s nice to see an affirmation when everything has calmed down.


My Thoughts


This episode was just great. After a few bumps in the last episode, “A Fool’s Hour” brings everything full circle. If you haven’t seen any episode yet, watch the first three altogether. It’ll play much smoother. The writing and acting here are perfect and they told a great story. The Megazord is beautiful, the villains are still hilarious and the Rangers’ personalities continue to develop. I love this cast. The best part of this episode is the fact that Sledge came to Earth, beat up the Rangers, and launched a deceitful plot to find their base. And it almost worked! If the Rangers hadn’t come together at the last second, this season would’ve been over quick. Power Rangers villains aren’t usually that smart.


It was a pleasant surprise to see the “Ha!” line from the Dino Thunder morph added to the Dino Charge morph sequence. That brought me back.

#nostalgic moments:
Dino Thunder “Ha!” added to the morph


“A Fool’s Hour” taught a good lesson about teamwork. When Tyler went off on his own, he told Chase, “We don’t have to be together to work together.” This is a great point. The problem was that Tyler still went off without considering the others. He realizes that and later on, he and Chase agree that there needs to be a balance between following and a hunch and sticking together.


The feather issue. Come on, guys. We know dinos had feathers and Super Sentai threw some on the T-Rex. Couldn’t we do the same?


The Breakdown

Stars of the Show:
1. Tyler – While going off on his own wasn’t the best idea, if it weren’t for him, Sledge would’ve found their base and they wouldn’t have seen his inevitable attack coming.
2. Scrapper – He followed the other Rangers and found their base without them catching on. And he held his own against Tyler, albeit with some help from Wrench.
3. Sledge – He got right in there with his crew and fought the Rangers. He beat down Tyler and hatched a plan that almost stopped the Rangers before they really got going.

Power Bolts: 5/5
“A Fool’s Hour” was a great episode. There’s not much to say that I haven’t already said.

Nostalgia Bolts: +1
Dino Thunder “Ha!” added to the morph

FINAL RATING: Rating Lightning BoltRating Lightning BoltRating Lightning BoltRating Lightning BoltRating Lightning BoltRating Lightning Bolt Classic