“Return of the Caveman” Review

What Happened

It looks like we’re getting Koda’s backstory. We see him in a cave carving something into the wall. He uncovers an energems and pulls it out. He hears growling and finds his brother (maybe?) Taku about to be attacked by a tiger. As it launches, Koda tackles it off a cliff, falling to the river of ice below. As he falls, the energem bonds with him and surrounds him in blue light. So Koda was frozen in ice and protected by the energem? Cool. Ha, no pun intended.

Koda Falling

Koda jumps awake from his dream and hears growling in the cave. Kendall and the Rangers are testing out the new Dino Cycles and Koda has no clue what to do. He attacks the bike but the others calm him down. Chase tells Koda he’ll help him learn. This scene’s actually really funny with Chase and Koda’s antics. I can’t do it justice, you just have to watch it.

Dino Cycle

On Sledge’s ship, Fury picks the monster Slammer for Sledge to send to Earth. I love these villains. It’s been a while since Power Rangers has had the kind of interaction between the baddies as Dino Charge does. Sledge had Wrench build a new friend for Poisandra, named Curio, from a bunch of “spare monster parts.” …What does that mean? Is it like a Frankenstein thing? Weird.

Poisandra and Curio

Chase tries to help Koda learn to ride a bike to prepare for the Dino Cycles. They’re attacked in the park by Slammer who captures Chase in one of his cages and Koda in another. Koda was protecting a little boy from the cage but they both got snagged. Man, is Slammer full of puns. They’re teleported in the cages to dark cave. Their morphers and communicators don’t work here.

Koda and Peter

The boy’s bike bent the cage when it landed and Koda get himself and the boy out. The boy’s name is Peter. Kendall realizes Koda and Chase are missing and the Rangers take the Dino Cycles to look for them. There are some really touching moments between Peter and Koda. Koda does everything he can to take care of Peter. Peter shows him how to use the GPS on his smartphone to help them get out of the cave. The other Rangers show up as Koda runs out with Peter. Kendall takes Peter to the hospital as the four Rangers fight Slammer and a bunch of Vivix. They destroy him and head off to get Chase but Sledge makes Slammer grow. He’s blocking the cave entrance.

Big Slammer

Time to call the Megazord! They team up with Riley’s (ironically featherless) Raptor Zord to knock Slammer down, then swap the Tricera Zord with the Raptor Zord to create the StegoRaptor formation. Shelby sends the Tricera Zord to go save Chase. I like that. It wasn’t a one-sighted battle. They sent the Zord off to help the other Ranger while they fighting. Oh, yeah, they destroyed the monster, too.

Koda and Peter 2

Later on, Peter is in the park telling his friends what happened in the cave. They have another bonding moment about Koda’s fear of bike riding. Peter tells Koda he’ll teach him and that he’d protect him. Koda thinks about his brother and agrees to have Peter teach him. That’s so sweet.


My Thoughts


Once again, the whole episode was great. “Return of the Caveman” explained how Koda ended up where is, a caveman lost in a time he’s not familiar with. Yoshi played the part amazingly and the bond Koda shared with Peter was inspiring. Chase was absolutely hilarious and the episode is worth a watch just for that. This will probably get told after a while but the writing and acting were great. Saban’s spot on this year and I love it.


Koda displayed both physical and emotional “Caveman” strength in “Return of the Caveman.” He was an inspiration for all the young viewers and even to us adult viewers. His compassion and drive to protect those around him is a treat to watch.


I got nothin’. Everything was perfect.


The Breakdown

Stars of the Show:
1. Koda – This should be obvious. It was his focus episode and it made him look great. He showed unwavering compassion and bravery taking care of Peter and fighting to save Chase.
2. Peter – They got a decent actor to play the kid and he complemented Koda’s compassion. He used his GPS to help Koda get them out of the cave and he reminded Koda of his brother, creating a strong emotional bond.
3. Slammer – He kept caught two Rangers on his first try. That was impressive. If only he’d had better aim Koda may have never gotten out of that cage with Peter.

Power Bolts: 5/5

“Return of the Caveman” was a great focus episode. They did everything right and made Koda look like a great person and a great Ranger.

Nostalgia Bolts: 0

Nothing really brought me back to the old days this week. But that’s okay because the episode was perfect!

FINAL RATING: Rating Lightning BoltRating Lightning BoltRating Lightning BoltRating Lightning BoltRating Lightning Bolt